Thanks for 50,000 LIKES !!!

Just over 2 weeks ago (and without any paid promotion) our Facebook page clicked over 50,000 likes, after days of waiting around the 49,900 mark some random person clicked LIKE and without knowing it made our day! It was a target we had been chasing for a while and a very proud moment for us.

It really is hard for us to believe that a crappy page which we set up in just over 2 years ago out of complete boredom  to post some cars we liked at Japanese auctions could have achieved so much.

When we set up the page we couldn’t think of anything interesting or clever to call it so we just went with “JDM Auction Watch” which pretty much did what it said on the tin as far as our page went. The response was huge, within a few hours we had 100 likes and over 1000 a week later.. We were blown away. Pretty quickly we began to realise that there was an opportunity to supply and import the cars which we posted on our page and what started out as a simple Facebook page to show off some cars we liked grew into a business.

Over the last 2.5 years JDM Auction Watch has grown into a bit of a monster that needs constant feeding and as with any new business there has been challenges, long hours and stress… but as 2 car fans every second of it has been worthwhile just to experience so many different cars arriving from the motherland of the car scene on this planet and especially seeing the look on a customers face when they are collecting their new car… it doesn’t get any better than that.

When we started we had no competition, now we have lots, the import scene has started to boom again, we take this as not only a great compliment but it also pushes us to ensure every aspect of our customer service is as good as it can be.

50k likes is a major milestone for us and with almost 10,000 people registered to view the auction listings on our site ( …… if you havent done so yet!) it means that 1 in 5 people who have liked our page have gone on to register to view the full listing of cars on our site, this is pretty incredible and makes the high fees we pay for the auction data totally worthwhile.

So thank you to everyone who has liked our page, shared our posts, registered on our site, given us feedback and especically to all of those who have trusted us to import their chosen car by using our service, its hugely appreciated.

We have big plans for the future and here is to the next 50k !


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