Why buy with us?

Recently on Social Media we have been seeing a lot of people saying don’t buy off this person or that company as they bring in low quality cars. While we can’t speak for others the difference with our service is YOU are in the driving seat, at the moment we are the only European based company successfully implementing a live catalog of Japanese auction cars on our website, YOU select the cars, we give you the translated information from the auction sheet and the benefit of our years of experience and YOU place the bid on our site.

While we always encourage our customers to buy the highest grade car possible we realise that depending on the type of car, our customers budget and their requirements it is not always feasible to buy Grade 4 or 4.5 cars and we will guide our customers and offer advice by providing all of the information about the car in a clear and transparent way allowing them to make an informed decision to bid.

The cars we post on our Facebook page are cars that we think look cool or are interesting, some of these cars may not be in good condition so if you are interested in something we share you can always check it out in the auction listings on our website. (Register Here – to view Auction listings)

So without further a-do here are our top 10 reasons to buy from JDM Auction Watch

  • 1. We give FREE access to view all cars available for auction in Japan (Over 150,000 per week)
  • 2. For Ireland and UK customers the price you bid includes absolutely everything except for registration (NO HIDDEN FEES!)
  • 3. We have been buying cars from Japan since 2003
  • 4. As we buy large quantities of cars we get negotiated rates on Export fees within Japan (This saving is passed to you)
  • 5. We have experience and contacts with all of the major shipping companies, we will always choose the fastest and most cost effective shipping option for your car
  • 6. For bidding deposit holders we provide fully translated auction sheets ahead of bidding
  • 7. We organise for the car to be checked in person to ensure our experienced buyers agree with the auction sheet appraisal
  • 8. Bidding deposit holders get FREE access to previously sold listings for the last 3 months – ensuring they can place qualified bids
  • 9. We are a fully registered Limited Company and you get the confidence that gives (Please be careful handing over large sums to private individuals who are illegally trading)
  • 10. We are always on the end of the phone in the same time zone meaning you can always contact us

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