Pricelist – UK

Prices listed below are average prices for entry level examples of each model and include Car cost, Transport & Export Fees, Shipping to Southampton, VAT @ 20%, EU Duty @ 10%, Local handling charges & our import fee.

All prices are based on our research of average sale prices at auction for entry level models. Cars with higher specification or particularly high grade / lower km’s will in some cases be significantly more expensive.

Prices listed do not include Registration, MOT or TAX.


Model Imported price
Celica GT4 ST185£5700
Celica GT4 ST205£5500
Classic Celicas£14200
Chaser JZX81£9500
Chaser JZX90£6800
Chaser JZX100£7600
Corolla Levin AE111£4800
Corolla Levin AE86£9200
Cresta JZX100£7600
Mark II JZX81£9500
Mark II JZX90£6800
Mark II JZX100£7600
Mark II JZX110£9000
Sprinter Trueno AE86£9200
Starlet KP61£7600
Starlet GT EP82£4600
Starlet Glanza V EP91£4600
Supra JZA70 Turbo£7600
Supra JZA80 Turbo£19800
Vitz RS NCP13£4600


Model Imported price
Cefiro A31£6300
R35 GT-R£37700
Laurel C33£5000
Laurel C34£5000
Laurel C35£6200
March Super Turbo£5700
Pulsar GTiR£6500
Pulsar VZR£5000
Silvia Ks PS13£6800
Silvia Ks S14£6500
Silvia Spec R S15£9000
Skyline R32 GTS-t£6200
Skyline R32 GTR£14200
Skyline R33 GTS-t£5700
Skyline R33 GTR£14200
Skyline R34 GT-t£9500
Skyline R34 GTR£38700
Sunny Truck£5400


Model Imported price
Honda Civic EF9 SiR£9300
Honda Civic EG6/EG8/EG9 SiR£7100
Honda Civic EK4 SiR£5900
Honda Civic EK9 Type R£8600
Honda Civic EP3 Type R£7800
Honda Civic FN2 Type R£16100
Honda Civic FD2 Type R£15100
Honda Integra DC2/DB8 Type R£6500
Honda Integra DC5 Type R£7800
Honda NSX£28300
Honda S2000£8100


Model Imported price
Evo 1-2-3£7400
Evo 4£5500
Evo 5£7100
Evo 6£7400
Evo Tommi Makinen£12300
Evo 7£9300
Evo 8-9£13700
Evo 10£17000
Evo Wagon£11200
Pajero Evo£10000


Model Imported price
Impreza STi Classic£4400
Impreza STi Type R£8300
Impreza STi Bugeye£6800
Impreza STi Blobeye£10400
Impreza STi Hawkeye£14700
Legacy B4£4300


Model Imported price
RX-7 FC£5700
RX7 FD£6500


Model Imported price
Alto Works£4800