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The 10 best JDM Cars you can buy right now…

Words by: Patrick Tierney The 80’s and early 90’s was an amazing period for Japan … In the midst of the “Bubble Economy” Japan was booming, the country as a whole was brimming with confidence and was emerging as a

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Special Delivery – Honda Civic Si

Running this business its only natural that we get lots of unusual requests, but we love a challenge… so when we were sent a link to the Yahoo auction listing for this AU Civic Saloon Si from a repeat customer

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Why buy with us?

Recently on Social Media we have been seeing a lot of people saying don’t buy off this person or that company as they bring in low quality cars. While we can’t speak for others the difference with our service is

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Thanks for 50,000 LIKES !!!

Just over 2 weeks ago (and without any paid promotion) our Facebook page clicked over 50,000 likes, after days of waiting around the 49,900 mark some random person clicked LIKE and without knowing it made our day! It was a

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Toyota Corolla AE86

Factfile Manufactured 1983 -1987 Facelifted in mid 1985 with changes to interiors, lights and bumpers 1.6 122bhp Rear Wheel Drive 3 grades available in Japan GT, GTV & GT-Apex Prices in Japan range from 350,000jpy to 2,000,000jpy To most people

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