Terms of Service

JDM Auction Watch (JDM) is a registered business name of Manji Motors Ltd. The service provided by JDM is to facilitate through assistance, all paperwork and documentation both with respect to Japanese exporters, shipping companies and governmental/regulatory bodies in relation to the purchase and import by customers of second-hand vehicles from Japan to the country specified by the customer.

  • At car auctions in Japan, vehicles are inspected and given a Report Sheet which gives Lot Number & Description of vehicle: JDM has no responsibility for the condition of the vehicle, whether on purchase or when it arrives in port and shall not be held responsible for any defects whether mechanical, structural, design or otherwise in the vehicle. The vehicle Report Sheet is written in Japanese and when requested JDM provides translations; JDM aims to provide an accurate translation but is not responsible for any omissions, misinterpretations or otherwise and JDM recommends that customers avail of their own independent translation service.
  • Bids will only be accepted in the following currencies: Euro, Sterling Pounds or US Dollars. Before customer bids on a vehicle, through JDM’s website, a Deposit of €500 (Irish based customers) / £500 (U.K. based customers) is required; for all other countries a deposit of 20% of the price bid is required. Deposits are fully refundable by JDM if no purchase is made. By placing a bid on JDM’s website, customers commit to make a purchase: if bid is successful the Deposit is used towards the purchase. Bids accepted from customers in Ireland and U.K. will include the following: Cost including Freight (C.I.F.), local importation charges, Value Added Tax and Import Duty charges. For all other countries bids are accepted on a Cost including Freight basis only regardless of option selected. Costs associated with registration of vehicles or vehicle assessment is not included in customers bid. Deposits are payable by PayPal, charges deducted by PayPal are payable by the customer.
  • If customer enters a condition with bid (e.g. “Only bid if car has black interior”), JDM will endeavour to get this information, but if it cannot, the bid will be cancelled. Deposit is refundable at any stage before a purchase is made. All bids must be placed through JDM’s website and Terms and Conditions must be accepted by customer before their bid is accepted.
  • If bid by Irish and U.K. customers is successful JDM will issue an Invoice requiring minimum 75% of the total invoice price to be paid within 3 working days, with balance to be paid 10 days before ship arrives in port. For customers from all other countries JDM requires 100% payment within 3 working days. All payments must be made by cleared bank transfer only. Documents required for Customs Clearance and Vehicle Registration will not be released until full payment is received by cleared funds in JDM’s bank account.
  • If vehicle is especially low or wide it may require specialist transport: JDM cannot verify this until the vehicle is purchased: in this situation any additional costs associated with shipping will be included in the Invoice as an additional charge. If any work, mechanical or otherwise, is required to ensure the vehicle is acceptable for shipping the costs involved will be invoiced directly to the customer and must be paid before vehicle leaves the port in Japan.
  • When payment is received from customer JDM will send payment for the vehicle to its agent in Japan to enable shipping proceed –shipping is dependent on availability, scheduling and receipt of the necessary export paperwork. JDM strives to minimise delays but it is not responsible for any delays in obtaining a booking or delays after vehicle has departed Japan. If payment is not received by the due date JDM will retain customer deposits and will invoice customer for any additional charges that arise to have the vehicle re-auctioned.
  • If a vehicle is damaged or is a total loss during shipping, customer must file a claim with the shipping company: terms and conditions of any insurance provided are outlined by the shipper on their website and on the Bill of Lading provided to the customer. Claims must be notified to the shipping company before the vehicle leaves the custody of the port security. All vehicles are consigned in the customer’s name, unless otherwise specified by customer
  • Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the discretion of JDM Auction Watch.

Manji Motors Limited is registered company in the Republic of Ireland. Company Registration Number 529555
JDM Auction Watch is registered business name in the Republic of Ireland. Registration Number 497431.

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