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Grade R – What does it mean…?

We are constantly being asked about Grade R Auction cars and whether they should be avoided or not, So we have decided to write a quick blog article based on our own experience with grade R’s; To start with a

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Car of the Day – 22/01/14 – R34 Nissan Skyline

This car might be a bit OTT for some, but there is no denying it looks properly impressive and with an auction sheet bursting with spec its bound to have the power to match those full on looks! Auction link

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Our Imports in 2013

Happy New Year!! As 2013 is well and truely done and dusted and the after effects of too much food and drink are starting to wear off we thought it was a good time to do a quick round up

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Car of the Day – 11/12/13 – GC8 Subaru Impreza 22B

One of our all time favourites, this 22B is almost completely stock which can be pretty rare these days it has covered just 43,000km’s and is number 9/400 so within the first 10 of these ever produced! One day…. Auction

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Car of the Day – 12/11/13 – HA21S Suzuki Alto RS/Z

We love all things Kei, especially the Alto Works which in our opinion is the king of Kei cars – this black 1997 model has been extensively tuned and really proves the point that you dont need a big engined

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